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CRM system
for developers

Professional industry IT solution for developers. G-PLUS CRM helps to sell more real estate, to maintain order in business, it does not require staff training and complex settings. Ready to start in one click.

Why do developers use G-PLUS CRM?

Back office for developers in CRM: calendar, reports, reminders.

Task calendar

Integration with Google Calendar


In Telegram, WhatsApp or via email

Online to do list

Agenda for you and managers


Everything you need for work is at hand

What should CRM system for developer be able to do?

Search history, source and sales channel, receipt, customer request, budget, planned purchase date, urgency of purchase, comments.

Instantly find customers, filter by conditions, make mailings and offers, personalized advertising and highlight them.

A good CRM in 1 second answers the question of how many customers are at the stage of registration of the transaction and it’s sum, and how many transactions are at the stage of negotiations. Invaluable knowledge for the sales manager and manager.

Based on statistics, the marketer makes more effective and cheaper advertising, the head of the sales department makes the right decisions, and the owner can easily determine the most popular request format and will be able to offer complexes in demand on his portfolio.

From sales to finance. How many customers have transferred the money, how much will be transferred this month, what percentage of sales by installments, which debts, the most efficient sales manager, customers from which regions buy most often, the average check, etc.

Go to popular real estate marketplace, replace the price information for your new buildings, and repeat it on 100+ real estate sites, and you might still need to call them. Routine. Errors. This should be done by the right CRM system for developers, which uploads information about your new buildings on any website, including foreign real estate websites, increasing your sales in one click.

Your complex is actively being sold and you need up-to-date digital information online for your sales department, clients and agents. The developer’s sales layouts allow you to understand what is sold, reserved or free. No double sales, reservations, or mistakes. The robot and the system are never wrong if configured correctly.

Real estate agents, brokers, realtors and your partners are selling your property. CRM for developers should be able to distinguish such sales, build reports based on them and establish individual access for partners to the desired objects.

Every employee in a construction company should have access and use only what is relevant to him. CRM for developers should take this into account and provide point-wise access only to the required functionality.

Website, online camera, marketing services for advertising, systems for calculating the cost of suppliers’ proposals and services for evaluating the ROI of advertising, as well as popular messengers – CRM must work with everything mentioned above.

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