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IT solution for the management company of the developer

IT solution for the management company of the developer
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G-PLUS Management combines:

A complex of IT solutions for owners, management companies and developers for the delivery, management, control of apartments and the provision of services to the owners and guests of the complex.

For guests and residents of your house or complex, to conveniently use the services in the building.

So that the owner can track income/expense for the apartment, order services and communicate with the management company online

For the management company to take into account the load of the room fund and link all communication and management channels in one window.

Your building's mobile APP will help you sell more

In the mobile application, guests and residents can see a catalog of apartments available for sale that can be bought from the developer.

Application users

Pay for all services online:

  • Service charges
  • Payment of utilities
  • Internet
  • Home services

also, receive personal offers from the developer.

Developer/Management Company

It is easier to collect payments for services and to offer additional services:

  • Room cleaning/apartment cleaning

  • Handyman services

  • Transfer and tour services

  • Other services of the management company

What do users pay for using the APP?

All payments are made online from a mobile application. Payment is made in favor of a legal or individual entity, which helps to optimize the tax burden. Users can pay:
  • ВAll fees in the building from the Management Company/Developer/li>
  • Services from suppliers
  • Utility bills
  • Payment for Internet/TV
  • Additional payments
  • Services provided by the management company


The G-PLUS Management solution is cloud-based. It is supplied for one building/residential complex! The price depends on the functionality that comes with the assembly.


Start UP solution

Basic solution without integration into the business processes of the management company.

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Standard solution

Includes WEB account of the owner/guest with the ability to use different services.

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Full Pack Solution

Includes a full package of services, including mobile application and business support, integration into the processes of the management company and the developer.

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